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Breeding tips

Start and cycling a tank.Take two feet tank(60*30*30 cm / 50 liters of water) as an example:

1.Adding 0.5-1 liter of black soil (personal recommend ADA)
2.Adding bacteria powder 0.2 gram (1 flat spoon), shrimp powder 2-3 grams, 3-5 ml of nutrient liquid(press 6-8 times)
3.Let the filters and lights run for at least one month. 
4.Do 100% water change(better using RO water) before adding shrimps.
5.Adding proper amount of Hegan minerals to raise TDS to 100-120 
6.Put shrimps in.

Water parameters:
PH: 6.0 - 6.4
GH: 3 - 6
KH: 0 - 1
TDS: 80 - 150
Temperature: below 25 ℃/77°F

How to tell the sex:

The size of juvenile shrimp in the shop would be 0.8-1.2 cm. Roughly after 30-40 days, they will be mature and be able to tell its sex. The body of a male shrimp is slimier and also has longer antennae than female. Female has rounder body shape and shorter antennae than male.   


Shrimp molts whenever they grow. Don't remove the molt. It's one of the best nature food for shrimp. If a mature female shrimp(with saddle) molts, all male shrimp will swim around the tank to trace the female to mate. (This is also called sex/mating dance)